Written: February 9, 2022


Here’s the word of the LORD that He wanted me to share with each of you:

“In this season, I will move you beyond the shallow shores, launching you into the deep. This place called “the deep” is My realm of revelation where I will release my mysteries and strategies so you can possess gates and invade high places. I am pouring My Spirit on the young and the old, on men and women. Do not think you are too young or too old, for I neither look at your age nor gender.

“Get ready! The shift is not coming, it is here.
I AM looking for those who will respond as Isaiah did: ‘Here am I, LORD, send me.’ Do not fear, take My hand, follow Me from the shallow shores into the deep.

“Are you willing?

“Will you go where I send you?”


In His Service,


​Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb



Luke 5:4
Luke 8:10
Acts 2:17-18
Isaiah 6:8
2 Timothy 1:7





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