The LORD has spoken, declaring we are in an ‘Isaiah 6 moment.’  This is a period of urgent spiritual purification as we witness the intense fire of GOD’s divine work.


He said:


“I AM not only after the sin, but I AM looking at the condition of your heart. I listen for what is coming out of the mouth of My people; what is being confessed; and what you are saying about one another. Do you have unclean lips? Have you discerned what spirit is motivating your speech? Know that I desire to:


  1. Show what motivates you to feel and say what you do.
  2. Clear your sin.
  3. Heal your heart.


“I am after your heart. Your lips speak of what lies in your heart, releasing it into the spiritual realm.


“Now, let me tell you the things I have seen…


“I have seen infighting among my children, followed by: ‘I am just calling out the truth, and simply pointing out what is false.’ Some have been pointing fingers at others and ignoring what lies in their own heart. They believe they are doing this for My sake and that of My people, so that My people are not deceived. I tell you that not everything that has been called false is. Some have sinned in the moment, just as David did. Sin does not disqualify those who are repentant. I do not see My grace and forgiveness being extended by My body, only unforgiveness, condemnation, judgment, shaming, and fame. Yes, fame; you want to be known. Be careful lest you fall. Stop fighting with one another and calling each other out. Have you forgotten My commanded approach in Matthew 18:25-35?


“I have also seen My people set up disgusting images in My house called by My name. Some have been confused thinking it did not apply to them because I gave them space to repent. Others have believed I turned a blind eye or worse, that I did not care. I have spoken, and even sent My prophets to deliver My word. Yet they turned My prophets away, and in doing so, rejected Me. They allowed this god, who is not Me, to deceive them by the works they said to be doing in My name.


“There has also been a compromise in My house. It is being defiled by My own. Did you not think I would start with My house? Did you believe that you would be exempt from My fires of purification? You have also allowed other abominations to enter and take over. You permitted yourselves to be used and deceived because you were more concerned with numbers; the ones being “healed” and mammon. So many of you have been living double lives, halting between two opinions, compromising, and straddling the fence.


“I have seen it all, and now you see that I have not turned a blind eye. I do care, and no one is exempt from the cleansing. Did I not tell you that judgment would begin in My house? I AM not a man that I should lie. Pulpits, platforms, positions, and properties will be vacated and left desolate by those refusing to surrender, submit, and heed My call to purification. The land needs to be cleansed and healed. This is what you now see.


“Please do not allow yourself to be misled. This is not limited solely to My leaders behind the pulpits; it extends beyond pulpits. No one is exempt from My cleansing fires. I will utter My judgment against all this wickedness and those who say to know Me but reject Me. Yes, I see how you have turned from Me by burning incense, sacrificing, and worshipping false gods, teachers, prophets, men, and mammon. You bow before evil and their altars rather than to Me; the Holy, True, and Living GOD. Yes, service is being given to the works of your hands, thinking that I do not see and respond.


“Also, what about the defiling dance in My house, called by My name, which you call worship? Let Me tell you what I see: It is worship, but not to Me, the True GOD. I find no wholesome holiness in what goes on before My eyes. What songs do I hear in some of My houses with My name? Let me tell you what I hear: the sound of wickedness, not holiness. You are worshipping another entity, and it is evil.


“The time has come for judgment, to begin with My household and My family.


“I love you, My Body. It is because of My love and refusal to leave you in this state that I desire to remove the sin, the stench of hidden sin and guilt. This is a time of purification by fire. I will reapply the atoning Blood of the Lamb who sacrificed Himself to redeem and provide a deep cleansing.

I AM looking for true worshippers who will worship Me in Spirit and Truth. I desire complete surrender and submission. I want you healed so that your eyes may open to truly see; your ears open to hear; and your hearts open to understand. It is not My desire that the evil one prevails in you. I do not want him to use you for evil purposes, so I AM issuing this warning. I have started to cleanse My temple, burning away the chaff.


“However, from what remains, I AM  raising a remnant, a Holy people who have gone through the purification fires. Those who hear My voice, surrender, and obey it, are the ones I call My Holy seed. This Holy seed is My chosen family for the end times. They are obedient, strong, unwavering, uncompromising, bold, and full of the Fire of My Spirit and the Fear of The LORD. They are ready to carry out My end-time messages, teachings, and assignments, for My Glory. Many will see My Light emanating from them.


“You ask: ‘Why is all of this happening now?’ Well, this is what many of you have prayed for. You prayed for a manifestation of My Glory. Some even asked to be carriers of My Glory. For this to be true, you must see and experience what My prophet Isaiah did. How can this happen if My people are unclean? I cannot dwell in anything defiled. I AM purifying in answer to your petitions. Listen for Me, confess, and repent from what The Holy Spirit reveals to you before I come to your house and Temple. I AM He who redeems and loves you with an everlasting, eternal love.”


In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb


  1. Isaiah 6:3-13 
  2. Jeremiah 1:16 
  3. 1 Peter 4:17
  4. John 4:24
  5. Matthew 18:25-35



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