The Great Harvest Is Coming

“There is a great harvest that is on its way and is already here. Many will hear and believe. However, unbelievers will stir others up attempting to poison their minds. Not against you, but against Me; My message of Truth, Light, and The Good News; against The Gospel.

Be confident that I, by way of My Holy Spirit, will embolden you; just ask. You are destined to walk in grace and miracles. I cause wonders to work through you showing My signs, not because they have asked for a sign, but because I AM Sovereign. Cities that you arrive in will be divided because of this. Remember, it is the truth that is divided from the lies.

As they begin to plot against you, know that I will reveal their plots, plans, and stratagems beforehand and have already made a way of escape for you until your numbered days are complete. My strategies revealed will trump their assignments and plans for My people and My earth.

The time is nearing. Behold, they are preparing and attempting to accelerate their plans, But I AM GOD, and I AM Sovereign. The time is drawing closer but is not here yet! Do not listen to the false prophets who work to instill fear so that you are paralyzed, unable to move, unable to hear Me, or think clearly. They look to keep you tethered, but I have already set you free. Trust in Me, My Shalom, and Rest. Continue walking with Me and in My ways, I AM He who orders your steps. Remain in My paths of Righteousness for My name’s sake.

Do not fear, do not say, I am too old, too young, or think your efforts are fruitless. I have not even touched the tip of what you will see and experience. I AM He who called and ordained those who have answered with their words, hearts, and lives. You are blessed by Me. Do as My Holy Spirit leads. He led My Son into the desert, and He came out victorious. He can do the same for you; help you walk in victory, by showing You My ways and how to walk in them.

Meditate on My word day and night. Do not depart from My word and I will continue to reveal My glory and ways to you.”


In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb


  1. Acts 14:1-4


  2. Galatians 6:9


  3. Matthew 16:1-4


  4. Luke 4:1-13






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